About Us....

Pantheon Investments is a fundamental long only firm with a strong conviction in preserving investors' capital as well as growing wealth.  Founded by Tague R. Goodhue, Pantheon achieved a 19+ year track year record of generating alpha and maintaining effective risk management.  Pantheon historically keeps low net exposure versus its peers while delivering high-quality, uncorrelated returns.  The firm remains uniquely positioned by nurturing long-held relationships with preeminent hedge funds.  Pantheon capitalizes on these connections for research in security selection.  Pantheon often positions the portfolio with a contrarian outlook. 


Pantheon's governing rules since day one remain: Integrity, Diligence and Performance.  Integrity: Client interests always come first proven through committing to manage Pantheon's Managing Partner's  liquid wealth identically to yours.  Diligence: Understand our companies' valuations and more importantly business models.  Performance:  Grow our clients capital, with Pantheon's own, at a reasonable rate of return while always trying to preserve capital first.