Prospect Email: Pantheon Introduction 12/20/2019

Dear Investor,

After the longest equity bull market in history, I thought an introduction to Pantheon Investments might prove timely. First the alarming facts from our 20-year history:

The S&P 500 lost 51% over 4 years and 5 months only to break even 3 years later after reaching its trough. (Time span: over 7 years) The Hedge Fund of Fund’s Index lost 31% over 3 years and 4 months and took 2 years to recover. (Time span: over 5 years) Pantheon’s maximum cumulative loss was 16% over 11 months which we recouped in 7 months. (Time span: 18 months)

Perhaps managing all my money alongside clients’ gives me a symmetrical bias against losses. Perhaps my relationships with eminent hedge funds further enhances my investment opportunities.

Today is the time to review and reallocate wealth.

An imperfect analogy: professional athletes and CEO’s earn incredible wealth over a decade, but almost none lose that wealth during their employment. Markets however can suddenly turn the notably wealthy back to middle class. As Ted Turner said at a Goldman Sachs conference during the bubble…”There is nothing sadder than a poor person….No, there’s nothing sadder than a rich person who’s become a poor person.”

My historically supported contrarian thoughts toward the markets may be read at:

Three troubling thoughts highlighted:

What's Past is Prologue

Amplification of Debt

Fractal Markets

A brief review of the firm’s statistics is attached and a brief brochure is also available at

Contact me at tague@pantheon.investmentsfor a discussion.

Tague R Goodhue, CFA

Managing Partner

Pantheon Investments LLC

735 Broad Street, 709-6

Chattanooga, TN 37402

423-498-6310 (direct)

423-718-7334 (mobile)

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